Starkholmes Extension South Balcony



The existing site housed a detached 1960’s two bedroom bungalow, which was in need of serious renovation.  Our clients were young, looking to create an extensive and exciting family home. Sean Banton owned his own building firm, Greenhill Building Company Ltd.,  our paths had therefore crossed in the past and they were keen to work with us.

The site steps away dramatically to the North-West which is obscured from the viewer on arrival.  This elevated position provides the property with superb views from the South West to North West.  

The property was in a sorry state, but the plan was to retain the building, renovate and extend, rather that demolish. Ensuring the home was low energy was a top priority. Therefore we intended to externally insulate the existing bungalow gaining huge thermal mass at the core of the design. 

Entrance hall with views
Living dining kitchen
West Facing view from balcony over Starkholmes
Oak stair detail down to garden
South facing glazing with vies of Matlock bath and the cable cars
oak balustade
Lower ground floor.
South facing glazing Lower ground Floor
Two storey extension with south facing glazing and solar panels
door detail, timber cladding and ideal combi
North elevation with west view beyond.  Window detail.
Window detail in timber cladding ideal combi
Framed views
Panoramic window boxes
West elevation with stone chimney stack
South Balcony with views of Matlock beyond
garage window in externally insulated render