Our Services

Each design has different challenges and we work closely with you to guide you through, what may seem like, a potentially daunting project. We have many different methods and approaches to help with this.  Kerry Design aims for honesty, simplicity and transparency at every stage of the design process.



Our designs aim to be simplistic in achieving the highest possible quality in space and light.  Buildings evoke an emotional response, we aim to elevate your experience when using them. Buildings should be practical and make life easier.  

We use a variety of methods to help with the design development.  Hand Drawing, AutoCAD and 3D perspectives can be used to translate the essence of the design into relatable and understandable documents which bring the project to life.

Our Brief

Every project begins with you.  First and foremost we listen intently to your needs for the build, Understanding the spaces you require; why they are important; how you want to inhabit the spaces and hone in on your aspirations.

We create the brief together, personalising the experience to you, ensuring you feel comfortable with the progression of the design at every stage.


Initial Proposals

Having understood all your needs; the surroundings; the orientation and any planning concerns, we will put together a fee proposal for you.

All projects have their costs in terms of the physical building fabric, however the arrangement of these these elements can transform the potentially mundane into something exceptional.

Work Stages

We break every project down into simple work stages.  We go one step at a time, we take huge responsibility in ensuring you are guided carefully through and hopefully bring enjoyment and inspiration to the process.

We can offer a complete package through to completion. Ensuring a constant and clear dialogue with you and the relevant authorities enables projects to run smoothly.  Having worked on a vast array of building and construction types, this technical knowledge is utilised from the outset.

Please feel free to call or message us to discuss your ideas.  We'd be delighted to come and meet with you to see how we could work together.



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